Back-End Web Developer Job Description Template

Back-end web developers play a crucial role in building the backbone of web applications. They work with proficiency in server-side web application logic and integration of work front-end developers do.


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Back-end developers play an imperative role in designing, along with responsibilities of designing and implementing server-side logic, ensuring smooth integration with the front-end

Back-End Web Developer

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Company details 

(C. N ) is a leading technological firm that fosters commitment toward development, growth, and positivity.  We don't only support reliable services but also support holistic modification towards change. 
The team of back-end web developers is tasked with crafting the underlying architecture that powers web services and APIs, facilitating seamless communication between the application's front-end interface and various client platforms, including mobile applications.

Job description 

We are seeking a dedicated back-end web developer who will play an important role in architecting a framework supporting the functionality and logic of web applications.  

The expertise lies in crafting the server-side code that powers dynamic web experiences, assuring seamless integration between the front-end interface and database systems. 

The candidate should be proficient in server-side languages such as Python, va, or Node js, with an enhanced understanding of database systems. 

The candidate should be designing user-centric visuals that support authenticity. With a dedication to continuous learning, and staying abreast of technologies pushing the boundaries, the candidate should aspire to solve challenges and support team members in shaping the future of the internet. 


  • Should be responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining server-side logic for web applications.
  • Architect and implement restful APIs to facilitate convenient communication front-end interfaces  
  • Develop and optimize database schemes, and queries ensure data storage. 
  • Implementing security best practices to protect bottlenecks in server-side code, system responsiveness 
  • Utilize version system managing codebase changes, collaborating with team members ensuring code integrity.  
  • Collaboration is a key responsibility where candidates have to focus on compatibility with other clients and UI/UX designers bridging the gap between design and development 
  • The candidate will be resolving issues related to performance, and methodological strategies adding quality to work. 
  • Though the field is continuously evolving the candidate should have learning power and energy to take up new challenges. 
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