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Product designers are core creators of the entire product journey from start to finish. They identify, understand and craft products that resonate with organization aims.


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Product designing refers to the creative and amazing process of conceptualizing planning solutions for organizations’ digital products. It comprises everything from unique strategies to market trends and techniques. Product designers help give brands an influential identity through their designers, wireframes, and the creation of what organizations are aspiring for.

Product Designer

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Company Details 

(C.N) is a prominent technology company dedicated to advancing technological advancements and inspiring prospective customers with superior support. Our goal is to concentrate on management solutions that enable companies to realize their full potential and contribute to the general development of their organizations. A product designer is a highly passionate and creative individual responsible for crafting smooth user experiences and interfaces of digital products. The team works with proficiency with a keen eye for detail, research, and passion for creating exceptional benefits for the growth of the organization adhering to protocols and standards set by the industry.  

Job Description 

We are actively looking for a dedicated product designer who will be responsible for handling all business requirements related to crafting, planning, and designing products.  Product designers will be consistently working on brand image, their skills usability while optimizing user experience through constant improvement. The candidate should be highly creative, innovative, and passionate about drafting new ideas, and visually captivating designs. 

They should be highly focused on working closely with the team and refining accordingly to what is needed by organizations. They will be playing an influential role in optimizing user experience through a detailed eye of testing and inspiration for creating exceptional quality designs. The role involves everything translating user needs and organizations’ requirements into exciting, visually captivating designs.  They are highly committed to ensuring brand growth and implementing what leads to positive outcomes. 

Candidates should follow up with the organization's objectives and constantly work to enhance growth and standards accordingly to drive reliable user satisfaction. 


  • Conducting research, surveys, and usability to gain insights into user behaviors, and preferences
  • Analyzing data and feedback informing decisions and prioritizing organizations’ objectives 
  • Developing conceptual designs, framing according only to enhance the smooth user interface
  • Creating visually creative images reflecting brand identity. 
  • Contributing to a User-friendly interface facilitating seamless navigation.
  • Creating interactive prototypes using tools like Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD.
  • Communicating about design concepts with team standardizing patterns, guidelines, and other presentations.
  • Implementing policies and strategies that are highly related to positive user feedback, enhancing product usability and accessibility.
  • The candidate should be more inclined towards conducting quality checks ensuring designs that are implemented accurately and standards.
  • Ensuring designs comply with accessibility guidelines and best practices for all users. 


  • Bachelor's degree in graphic design and computer interaction-related fields. 
  • A master's degree will be counted as the best add-on quality in a candidate 
  • Earlier experience in product design, user interface design 
  • Proficiency in design tools such as Sketch, Figma, and Adobe Creative. 
  • Strong understanding of user-centered designs 
  • Should be aware of UI and UX design strategies 
  • Experienced with prototyping tools including Invision, revel, or principal 
  • Should be experienced in Typography, color theory, layout designs 
  • Solid grasp of designing, crafting, and implementing patterns according to organization brand
  • Ability to work in a team, discussing different projects and managing accordingly. 
  • Should be attentive and curious about new challenges, focus on user experience and interface designs.
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