Visual Designer Job Description Template

Visual design is a multifaceted field that spans various disciplines and finds application in diverse projects. Visual designers are responsible for crafting brand identities from scratch to perfection.


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Visual designers take up the whole responsibility of conceptualizing and executing marketing campaigns, overseeing teams of designers, offering artistic and creative guidance, as well as designing digital experiences such as apps, websites, and on-site interactions. From brand development to its designs and digital pattern-ensure assure proper crafting of ideas through visual storytelling and creativity.

Visual Designer

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Company Details 

(C.N) is an accredited company that aims to give unquestionably high-quality services to clients while upholding an inclusive work environment. It also fortifies innovation and efficiency with a dedication to excellence.

The creative team of visual designers plans, analyzes, and implements strategies that work on appealing designs and interfaces that perfectly match with attention to detail. 


Job Description 

We are seeking a talented and creative visual designer who will be working at the forefront with the responsibilities of translating conceptual ideas into visually appealing designs according to what the whole team has decided. The candidate should be proficient in aesthetic appeal regarding digital, printing, and shaping the way audiences think in their designs.  

Their core responsibility will be blending artistic styles and merging with ideas of organization. Whether it's about designing logos or any service page they produce eye-catching marketing collateral, their work is instrumental in shaping brand identity and enhancing user experience. The candidate will be responsible for creating pixel-perfect drawings that adhere to project goals and brand guidelines by using industry-standard design software like Adobe Creative Suite or Sketch. Every piece, from the smallest icon to the overall composition, is painstakingly built to perfection thanks to your attention to detail.

To comprehend the vision, objectives, and needs of stakeholders—such as clients, marketing teams, and developers candidates need to collaborate closely with them.
As technology evolves and design trends shift, candidates should be more adaptable to new techniques, strategies, and emerging technologies. Whether it's about any latest UI and UX designs, they should possess skills embracing professional growth. The candidate will be known by their tasks implementation and the talent they put into creating captivating designs. 



  • Responsible for Creating designs and visual assets, including logo icons that should align with brand guidelines 
  • Develop and maintain digital assets, and touchpoints including print materials using digital assets. 
  • Collaborating with UI and UX designs and visual interfaces for websites 
  • Designing print materials such as brochures, flyers, posters, and email templates 
  • Creating storyboards properly as per objectives set by organizations 
  • Incorporating feedback with stakeholders and team to refine designs to achieve optimal results
  • Conducting thorough assessments ensuring design integrity and consistency across all patterns 
  • Staying abreast with trending technologies and keeping pace with innovative solutions. 



  • Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design, Visual Communication, or a related field.
  • prior years of experience in visual design, preferably in a creative agency or design studio or any graphic designing tasks. 
  • Portfolio showcasing a diverse range of design projects and skills.
  • Familiarity with animation tools, techniques for creating engaging graphics and prototypes 
  • Basic understanding of HTML / CSS and JavaScript.
  • Candidate should be aware of techniques and strategies used in creating responsive websites 
  • Robust artistic knowledge and ability include typography, color theory 
  • Candidates should be confident and punctual in time management, maintaining consistency, and discipline delivering tasks timely.
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